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These Motheafuckaz Mothafuckin Bio from 2008 (Shit needs to be updated):

Six years later, the dream hasn’t died. D-Mize & Dee. Rockz (aka Jewish Dave) from Tha Polar Bear MC’s (aka Tha Killa Korpse Gangstaz) are alive and well, making people laugh, cry, dance and smile with their silly little rap songs. The duo were one of the first offshoots of Tha Polar Bear MC’s, a popular comedy-rap group from Las Vegas, NV, known for their ridiculous lyrics, energetic stage show, and catchy beats. Tha Polar Bear MC’s were one of the most popular groups in the local Las Vegas music scene from 2001-2006, performing everywhere from dingy dive bars to locations on the Las Vegas strip, as well as placing 2nd and 3rd in two Battle of the Bands’ (despite the fact they played no instruments and by no means were an actual “band”).

Founded by David Rosen (Dee. Rockz / Jewish Dave), the group released an album, “I Hope U Melt,” in 2002, but slowly started to break apart into various side projects. MC Randumb & Jewish Dave released a number of mixtapes and became the most well-known of the offshoots due to their continued appearances in the local music scene. Tha Big Yummy, another side project continued the theme of Tha Polar Bear MC’s, but brought things towards a stranger, rock/folk/punk sound. Fa-Cock-Ta teamed Jewish Dave with MC Ethel for an all-Jewish themed comedy rap project. But all along, D-Mize & Dee. Rockz kept scheduling recording sessions month after month as they worked on an record they hoped to release soon after the debut group album.

Six years later, all that had been released was a compilation featuring songs from each of these side projects called, “Jewish Dave & Friends,” an album that has received such raves as “about as funny as my old grandpa telling me to pull his finger” (Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review Journal). In case you’re wondering, they took that as the best compliment anyone could have possibly given them… But now, after these six long years, D-Mize & Dee. Rockz have finally finished their debut album, “6 Years Later” (formerly “Ghetto Fame”), featuring such already destined-to-be classics as “Don’t Eat Fire,” “Tear Da Club Up 08,” “How We Do,” “Who Tha Fuck Is U?” and “6 Years Later (Doo Doo).”

While each of the other side projects had their own hooks (Fa-Cock-Ta was Jewish jokes, Tha Big Yummy was sex jokes and rock music, MC Randumb & Jewish Dave was hardcore murder rap), the D-Mize & Dee. Rockz album keeps things closer to the sound and vision of the original group album, “I Hope U Melt.” The beats and lyrics may have gotten better, but the goal of making ridiculous comedy-rap that is almost indistinguishable on first listen from the hip-hop in the Top 40 is still alive. These songs could be any rap fans new favorites until they start paying attention to the lyrics and realize the ridiculousness of it all. Some would describe them as a less serious version of Wu-tang Clan. Some would call them the Tenacious D of hip-hop. Some would call them terrible, and yet, still, some would call them sexy. It’s up to you decide…