Space Force Anthem

What’s up motherfuckaz?

News! Well really, it’s old news… Cause who can give a fuck about updating this stupid site… But it’s a celebration because the new D-Mize & Dee. Rockz music video “Space Force Anthem” (a couple months old already) just broke 1000 views on YouTube, making it… well pretty much the most succesful thing that’s ever come out of the Polar Bear MC’s (hehe, I said “cum out of”) in our 15 year history.

The song is also available for sale on iTunes at
Or if you’re a cheap fuck, you can stream it for free on Spotify at

So aside from breaking 1000 plays (and also a shit ton on Spotify and also this one Space Force Meme page on Facebook shared it and got like 30,000 plays which is fucking insane)… Why else am I bothering to update the site with this news?

Because the new D-Mize & Dee. Rockz album from which “Space Force Anthem” comes from is almost done!

That’s right motherfuckers. Our 3rd D-Mize & Dee. Rockz album, D & Dee. Tox will be out soon! We’re aiming for October. If we don’t make October, fuck it. Who cares. But I’d put like $5 on it happening. Which actually is how much we’ll be selling it for, so there you go.

If you’ve read this far you deserve a treat. I doubt there’s more than 2 of you who have read this far… But to the two of you… here’s the track list for D & Dee. Tox:

  1. Untitled (But Still Dope As Fuck)
  2. I’m A Killa!
  3. D & Dee.’s Bitches
  4. Drank Yo Drank
  5. Butt Stuff
  6. Bad Mothafuckaz!
  7. Like A Bitch
  8. Space Force Anthem
  9. Atrocious
  10. Despicable D & Dee.

And maybe we’ll throw a bonus track on there or two.

So look forward to another blog post about that soon.

And don’t forget to cop our previous albums, Oh Geez and 6 Years Later.

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