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What’s up?

Hey. You. What are you doing? Why are you reading this? Go away. We’re busy. We’re gonna finish that new D-Mize & Dee. Rockz album and Jewish Dave & Friends 3 and the Polar Bear MCs album and The Big Yummy album soon. But not now. We’re busy. We’re sleepy. This blog is stupid. Stop reading it. Go away now. Please. I love you.


Oh shit… 16 years and 3 albums. Who’d have thunk it? Everybody’s favorite gangsta rap duo D-Mize & Dee. Rockz are back with their 3rd album, D & Dee. Tox!

Featuring the sorta-hit-single “Space Force Anthem” as well as such bangers as “Butt Stuff,” “Drank Yo Drank,” and “D & Dee.’s Bitches.” This 10 song album is basically the best thing you’ll ever hear. Don’t believe me? Just check out these promo videos you’d have already seen if you were following the D-Mize & Dee. Rockz Facebook page!

D & Dee. Tox Pre-Order Starts NOW on iTunes! Out 11/23/18!

D & Dee. Tox is available for pre-order on iTunes NOW! Drops 11/23/18! Cop that chicken sandwhich homeboy!!! #OhGeez

Posted by D-Mize & Dee. Rockz on Friday, November 16, 2018

D & Dee. Are gonna smash some motherfuckers when the new album comes out next Friday! #OhGeez

Posted by D-Mize & Dee. Rockz on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"I'm A Killa (Hey!)" Music Video

Toasty! The closest thing you're gonna see to an official "I'm A Killa (Hey!)" Music Video from the new album D & Dee. Tox, available NOW wherever music is available! #OhGeez

Posted by D-Mize & Dee. Rockz on Thursday, December 6, 2018

You can cop that motherfuckin’ album RIGHT NOW on:

iTunes –
CD Baby –
And basically everywhere else music is sold.

You can also be a cheap ass and stream it on Spotify or Apple Music… But I’m not giving you that link… If you don’t want to pay you’ll just have to search for it yourself. But it’s on there. So add it to your favorite music playlist if you’re not gonna give us money!

Oh and if you want a signed copy, get in touch with us one way or another. We’ll get you one. But you’re probably not still reading this so fuck ya’ll. (Unless you’re reading this and then we love you, and get in touch if you want us to sign a copy!)

So what’s next now that this album is out? Maybe another music video if we can pull some strings, but if not, we’ve got not one, but TWO more albums coming out in the next few years. So no, we ain’t stopping motherfuckaz… Not even our 40s are gonna stop us from rapping about our dicks and girls’ boobs and doing drugs and killing people. Cause we fucking RULE!

D & Dee. Tox – Coming 11/23/18!

Holy shit is this real?!?!

After blowing your minds with that “Space Force Anthem” earlier this year, D-Mize & Dee. Rockz have finished their 3rd album – D & Dee. Tox!

And it’ll be out in a little over a week! HOLY FUCK!!!

Will there be music videos? MAYBE! Will there be F words? DAMN RIGHT! Will there be gangsta ass tracks? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS!


  1. 16 Years Later
  2. I’m A Killa (Hey!)
  3. D & Dee.’s Bitches
  4. Drank Yo Drank
  5. Butt Stuff
  6. Bad Mothafuckaz!
  7. Like A Bitch
  8. Space Force Anthem
  9. Atrocious
  10. Despicable D & Dee.

Only 10 tracks?!?!? Yeah man, that’s that new shit. From now on all the albums will be 10 tracks or less because who gives a shit? But its 10 DOPE TRACKS. So get ready!

iTunes pre-sale starts 11/16/18 and then the album will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify and everywhere else 11/23/18… Oh and we WILL have a limited run of CDs to sell too, so cop that motherfuckin’ chicken sandwich homeboy!

Space Force Anthem

What’s up motherfuckaz?

News! Well really, it’s old news… Cause who can give a fuck about updating this stupid site… But it’s a celebration because the new D-Mize & Dee. Rockz music video “Space Force Anthem” (a couple months old already) just broke 1000 views on YouTube, making it… well pretty much the most succesful thing that’s ever come out of the Polar Bear MC’s (hehe, I said “cum out of”) in our 15 year history.

The song is also available for sale on iTunes at
Or if you’re a cheap fuck, you can stream it for free on Spotify at

So aside from breaking 1000 plays (and also a shit ton on Spotify and also this one Space Force Meme page on Facebook shared it and got like 30,000 plays which is fucking insane)… Why else am I bothering to update the site with this news?

Because the new D-Mize & Dee. Rockz album from which “Space Force Anthem” comes from is almost done!

That’s right motherfuckers. Our 3rd D-Mize & Dee. Rockz album, D & Dee. Tox will be out soon! We’re aiming for October. If we don’t make October, fuck it. Who cares. But I’d put like $5 on it happening. Which actually is how much we’ll be selling it for, so there you go.

If you’ve read this far you deserve a treat. I doubt there’s more than 2 of you who have read this far… But to the two of you… here’s the track list for D & Dee. Tox:

  1. Untitled (But Still Dope As Fuck)
  2. I’m A Killa!
  3. D & Dee.’s Bitches
  4. Drank Yo Drank
  5. Butt Stuff
  6. Bad Mothafuckaz!
  7. Like A Bitch
  8. Space Force Anthem
  9. Atrocious
  10. Despicable D & Dee.

And maybe we’ll throw a bonus track on there or two.

So look forward to another blog post about that soon.

And don’t forget to cop our previous albums, Oh Geez and 6 Years Later.

Coming Soon…

So now that the 15 year anniversary edition of the debut album I Hope U Melt is out, what’s next for us in the future?

Well first thing’s first, comedy-rap goes on the back-burner for a little bit while Jewish Dave becomes David Rosen again and finishes work on some films he’s composing the scores for (you didn’t think he was just a gansta-rapper and dope beat maker did you?). But then we do have some more shit coming your way. Here’s a list… Subject to change because who knows if any of this will get done in our life times.

  • D-Mize & Dee. Rockz – D & Dee. Tox – Our 3rd album. I’d bet on this coming in 2018. Then again Oh Geez took us like 6 or 7 years, but I think it’s gonna really happen sooner rather than later.
  • D-Mize & Dee. Rockz – In Our 40z – Our 4th album. This of course will come later but it’s gonna happen eventually. We’ll of course be in our 40s when it comes out, but that’s not that long away because we’re old fucks.
  • MC Randumb & Jewish Dave – Songs In The Key Of Murder 2 – Yes, there will be a sequel. Yes, it’s been in the works since back when the first one came out. Yes, Jewish Dave has started over a dozen songs for it and not received a single acknowledgement from MC Randumb of whether or not he’s even listened to them yet. But this should happen. Hopefully in the near future.
  • D-Mize & MC Randumb & Jewish Dave – Killa Korpse Soldiaz – The title of this one is subject to change, but this is a group album of the 3 of us, all on beats that sound like they could have been on Late 90s/Eearly 2000s No Limit albums. We’re gonna make em say uhh. A few songs are already started and they will make you want to murder and dance at the same time.
  • Tha Big Yummy – Mr. Tha Big Yummy’s Opus EP & It Ain’t My Baby EP – This will be two albums released at the same time. The first are the weirder, guitar based, sometimes folk-rap sometimes punk-rap songs we made, the second  the more dirty south hip-hop tracks we made. I could put them all together on one release but it’s more fun to have two album covers and spread it out. Mex 2 Da Bizzo doesn’t want me to release these but it’s going to happen. The songs are all done, I just need to give it the quick remaster like I did to I Hope U Melt and do the cover for It Ain’t My Baby EP.
  • Jewish Dave & Friends 2  – Another compilation of some of the best stuff we’ve done in the last 10 years and maybe some unreleased tracks. I don’t know, this one might not happen haha. It’s kind of stupid.
  • The Polar Bear MC’s – Greatest Tits – The 24 songs or so that we made (or at least started) between 2003 to when the group stopped doing full group songs. They all exist in various levels of completeness. Most likely I’ll have to stop waiting on the dream of doing one more full group song and having everyone finish off their unfinished verses (especially Q’s on “Slippin’ On Ya Pimpin”), and just touch things up myself and remaster it all. But I’m sure I’ll release it all at some point. Maybe.
  • Jewish Dave’s Surprise Solo Album – This may or may not ever happen. For the longest time he had no interest in ever putting out a comedy-rap album without other members of The Polar Bear MC’s but he has a concept for a solo album that’s not just a bunch of silly, dumb  rap songs. Will he ever actually make it? Who knows. But if he does it’ll be pretty great. Again, maybe.

That’s the future. The present’s now. So buy our current albums including the I Hope U Melt 15 Year Anniversary Edition, Oh Geez and Songs In The Key Of Murder. Do it! Cop that chicken sandwich motherfucker!

Oh and seriously… Leave a fucking review on I Hope U Melt 15 Year Anniversary Edition on iTunes or CD Baby. Just do it. Stop being a dick. Do it. We don’t care what the review says. Just leave one. We love you.

A Big Waste Of Time

An Oral History of The Polar Bear MC’s aka Tha Killa Korpse Gangstaz

By Henry Johnson

Fifteen years is a long time for anything to last. A friendship, a job, love, most dog breeds… And it’s no different in the world of music. Some of the most famous, world renowned bands never made it close to fifteen years.

The Polar Bear MC’s aka Tha Killa Korpse Gangstaz (Jewish Dave, MC Randumb, D-Mize, Q, Mex 2 Da Bizzo, Rock & Roll Billy and Rubbz), an infamous Las Vegas based comedy-rap group didn’t either. Well, they sort of did if you count all of the many offshoots of the group that still live on… The group as a whole though only lasted a few years. But it was a wild few years, and it all started 15 years ago on September 22nd, 2002. Well, that’s not true actually… It all started on October 31st, 2001, but it seemed more appropriate to do this now, since it was the release date of their debut album, “I Hope U Melt” and their first live performance at the now defunct Maryland Parkway college bar The Rock (you’ll notice a trend of closed venues as the story continues).

Whatever… I’ll let them tell their own story.

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14 Year Anniversary’s Ain’t Shit

Welp. Today is the 14 year anniversary of the first Killa Korpse Gangstaz aka Tha Polar Bear MC’s concert at The Rock on Maryland Parkway. It’s also the anniversary of the release of our debut album I Hope U Melt and the day Mystah Korpse told us he would no longer be making songs with us and was going his separate way, effectively killing the name Killa Korpse Gangstaz on the day our album came out, and the reason we had to become known as the Killa Korpse Gangstaz AKA Tha Polar Bear MCs on every fucking flyer (so people would know us as the Polar Bear MC’s that we are, but still be able to keep an eye out for our album, which had the name Killa Korpse Gangstaz on it). It’s also 14 years since we were offered two more shows at two other venues (Cafe Capri – RIP and Club Utopia – RIP) based off that first show which we had planned as a one time thing, and figured “fuck it” and kept it going for years to come…

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U Tuchus 4 Granted! Oy Vey!

FA-COCK-TA‘s second album is finally here! After 8 long years, everybody’s favorite rappin’ jews are back with a full album (well… 6 songs) of hilarious, ridiculous, yiddishy rap hits. The album is called U Tuchus 4 Granted because none of you motherfuckers bought our last album Loxstarz. Well some of you did… And if you loved Loxstarz, you’ll love it! Your bubby will love it too! Your Rabbi will… probably not love it! But get that album, leave us a review wherever you buy it, and bump that shit on every high holiday (and every shabbat in between)!

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FA-COCK-TA is back with “Breathe”

Right on the heels of D-Mize & Dee. Rockz’s 8 year hiatus (they just released their second album, Oh Geez!), FA-COCK-TA has finally made the time to come up with a new album! Well, a 6 song EP at least. While their full length follow-up to Loxstarz called U Tuchus 4 Granted may take another 8 years or so, 6 songs is better than none! And you can listen to the first song off the album RIGHT NOW! Check it out Bubbelahs!!! Here is “Breathe (The Tu B’Shevat Song)” just in time for the Jewish Holiday of Tu B’Shevat… a Holiday that celebrates trees!

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