U Tuchus 4 Granted! Oy Vey!

FA-COCK-TA‘s second album is finally here! After 8 long years, everybody’s favorite rappin’ jews are back with a full album (well… 6 songs) of hilarious, ridiculous, yiddishy rap hits. The album is called U Tuchus 4 Granted because none of you motherfuckers bought our last album Loxstarz. Well some of you did… And if you loved Loxstarz, you’ll love it! Your bubby will love it too! Your Rabbi will… probably not love it! But get that album, leave us a review wherever you buy it, and bump that shit on every high holiday (and every shabbat in between)!

U Tuchus 4 Granted (FINAL)

You can find U Tuchus 4 Granted on all major music services including:

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