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D & Dee. Tox – Coming 11/23/18!

Holy shit is this real?!?!

After blowing your minds with that “Space Force Anthem” earlier this year, D-Mize & Dee. Rockz have finished their 3rd album – D & Dee. Tox!

And it’ll be out in a little over a week! HOLY FUCK!!!

Will there be music videos? MAYBE! Will there be F words? DAMN RIGHT! Will there be gangsta ass tracks? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS!


  1. 16 Years Later
  2. I’m A Killa (Hey!)
  3. D & Dee.’s Bitches
  4. Drank Yo Drank
  5. Butt Stuff
  6. Bad Mothafuckaz!
  7. Like A Bitch
  8. Space Force Anthem
  9. Atrocious
  10. Despicable D & Dee.

Only 10 tracks?!?!? Yeah man, that’s that new shit. From now on all the albums will be 10 tracks or less because who gives a shit? But its 10 DOPE TRACKS. So get ready!

iTunes pre-sale starts 11/16/18 and then the album will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify and everywhere else 11/23/18… Oh and we WILL have a limited run of CDs to sell too, so cop that motherfuckin’ chicken sandwich homeboy!