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A Big Waste Of Time

An Oral History of The Polar Bear MC’s aka Tha Killa Korpse Gangstaz

By Henry Johnson

Fifteen years is a long time for anything to last. A friendship, a job, love, most dog breeds… And it’s no different in the world of music. Some of the most famous, world renowned bands never made it close to fifteen years.

The Polar Bear MC’s aka Tha Killa Korpse Gangstaz (Jewish Dave, MC Randumb, D-Mize, Q, Mex 2 Da Bizzo, Rock & Roll Billy and Rubbz), an infamous Las Vegas based comedy-rap group didn’t either. Well, they sort of did if you count all of the many offshoots of the group that still live on… The group as a whole though only lasted a few years. But it was a wild few years, and it all started 15 years ago on September 22nd, 2002. Well, that’s not true actually… It all started on October 31st, 2001, but it seemed more appropriate to do this now, since it was the release date of their debut album, “I Hope U Melt” and their first live performance at the now defunct Maryland Parkway college bar The Rock (you’ll notice a trend of closed venues as the story continues).

Whatever… I’ll let them tell their own story.

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